How Are Your Products Different Than What I Find In Stores?
Our products are baked only once you place your order! Our baker is a certified food safety manager, so you can rest assured that your baked goods are prepared with care and safety. Because we use gluten-free, organic flours and baking products, you’ll notice your goodies stay moist and softer longer. They won’t be as tall and fluffy as store bought, gluten based products—we remove the unnecessary fluff and stuff that you and your body don’t need! 
I Have Food Allergies/Sensitivities. How Do I Know What’s Safe To Eat
Ingredients will always be listed on each store product page, carefully highlighting major allergens that appear in each recipe. You can always ask us if you have a specific allergy before purchasing! Given the nature of our kitchen, we cannot guarantee against cross contamination. 
Do You Offer Catering?
Yes! We would love to be a part of your special event or meeting. Please reach out to us at forgettheflourfl@gmail.com to discuss!