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Keto "Oatmeal" Cookies (12)
Keto "Oatmeal" Cookies (12)

Keto "Oatmeal" Cookies (12)

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Get ready for your Keto mind to be blown! We’ve achieved a delicious paleo and keto cookie that tastes just like oatmeal, but without the grains/carbs that come with traditional recipes. We’ve kept this treat dairy free too! Just 2.2 net carbs per cookie to boot so anyone following a low-carb lifestyle can feel good about these keto bakes! This is a great treat for anyone watching their blood sugar as well as erythritol does not raise sugar levels. And even if you aren’t keto, you can enjoy these grain free and dairy free cookies!

Ingredients: organic coconut, organic almonds, cage free egg, erythritol, dried cranberries, spices, vanilla extract.

Keto, Paleo

Baked fresh to order: Please refrigerate or freeze your bakes once you receive them.

Nutrition: Calories 110/Fat 10g/Carbs 4g/Protein 3g/Fiber 2g

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