Sea Salt Brownies (8)
Sea Salt Brownies (8)
Sea Salt Brownies (8)

Sea Salt Brownies (8)

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These Paleo, gluten/grain free, dairy free brownies are just like the real thing! Just a touch of natural sweetness mixed with melted chocolate make this a special treat. We add a sprinkle of sea salt on the top to really knock the flavor out of the park on these paleo brownies. We don’t add preservatives or additives so you’re getting high quality and delicious treats in the same package. Made in our 100% gluten free kitchen so celiac friendly too! Give these paleo brownies a try!

Ingredients: Almond flour, eggs, agave, cacao powder, organic coconut, baking powder*, baking soda, vanilla, sea salt.

*Our baking powder is homemade and does not contain any grains.

Grain-free, dairy-free

Baked fresh to order: Please refrigerate or freeze your bakes once you receive them.

Nutrition: Calories 150/Fat 10g/Carbs 12g/Protein 4g/Fiber 3g

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