Banana Bread muffins (6)
Banana Bread muffins (6)
vegan comfort food, banana bread muffins
Banana Bread muffins (6)

Banana Bread muffins (6)

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Our paleo (grain-free and dairy free) Banana Bread muffins are perfect for breakfast or snack anytime! These paleo muffins are delicious and mildly sweetened without refined sugars. Using organic ingredients, these allergy friendly Banana Bread muffins are ideal for anyone looking for a tasty treat that don’t include preservatives or additives. All our products are celiac safe as our bakery is free from gluten in any form. If you are looking a Paleo banana bread, you’ve come to the right place!

Ingredients: Organic range-free eggs, bananas, organic almond flour, organic coconut, vanilla, baking soda, baking powder*, organic agave, spices.

Grain-free, dairy-free

*Our baking powder is homemade and does not contain any grains.

Baked fresh to order: Please refrigerate or freeze your bakes once you receive them.

Nutrition: Calories 160/Fat 8g/Carbs 14g/Fiber 3g/Protein 4g

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