Bagels make it better

A bagel is great, just by itself, amiright?! Warm, toasty, and the perfect amount of chew--it’s hard not to love them. But sometimes we want to take them to the next level, to live a little! We’ve got a round up of some great ways to enjoy your grain-free, vegan bagels from Forget the Flour:

  1. Breakfast stack: Start with one of our savory bagels--we have sesame, onion, or everything flavors-- and slice in half. Toast to your liking! Add your favorite items like avocado, greens, tomatoes, cheese, and either stack into a sandwich or eat open-faced. If you’re paleo, then try a fried egg with avocado and hot sauce if you like a bit of a kick. So many options and ways to make it your own!

  2. Pizza bagels: I’m dating myself with this reference but I was always so jealous of those bagel bites I saw on tv as a kid. We were NOT a bagel bite family growing up HAHA. But, as an adult and a mom, I know that making food feel new and special is the key to happy kids! I’ll start with a savory grain-free, vegan bagel and slice in half. Top with tomato sauce or pesto, add some cheese and pepperoni for the kids or veggies for me, and pop them under the broiler for a fun twist on pizza. Without the gluten, we feel better after eating, and I know the kids are getting a more filling option that will stick with them longer. 

  3. Savory sandwich: I’ve been on the same flavor combo for a couple of weeks now and I dare you to try it! It’s so yummy and makes me feel like I’m on a Mediterranean vacation (even though we all know no one is traveling anywhere!). Start with one of our grain free, vegan bagels and slice in half. Toast to your liking. Spread some green goddess dressing on either side. On one half of the bagel, add thinly sliced turkey, then top with greens, roasted red peppers, feta, and salt and pepper. Top with the other half of the bagel. Devour.

Try one of these out and let us know what you think!

Paleo Vegan Bagels